Yoga Mama's Buddha Sandals – Mayans, Zapatistas, And Silly Little White Girls

Yoga Mama's Buddha Sandals
206 Pages
ISBN 978-0692738719

The ruins of the ancient Maya draw many adventurers into the jungles of Mexico and they usually find adventures aren't hard to come by. Donna Stewart has been on her own since the age of 16. She's faced down poverty, stereotypes, and tumbling down mountains. She thinks she's ready for anything. But when she finds herself in the remote jungles of Chiapas, with no pesos, no understanding of the language, customs or culture and no awareness that she's in the middle of a long-standing political revolution, it doesn't take long for her to learn more about herself, and the world, than one, silly little white girl could have ever imagined.

Walk in Donna Stewart's Yoga Mama Buddha Sandals, and you'll stumble upon Mayan ruins, Zapatistas and really big spiders. You'll come face to face with history and legend, kidnappers and temptation, kindness and heroics. You will cringe at her mistakes, but cheer her bravery; And you'll probably chuckle more than once. Adventure. Humor. History. And a dash of social activism. This is a walk worth taking.

Donna  Stewart

About Donna Stewart (Boulder, Colorado Author)

Donna  Stewart

An Eric Hoffer Award finalist in 2018, Donna Stewart was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, on Mark Twain, deep-fried catfish and the blues, but she grew up, in every sense of the words, in Colorado. An adventure junkie and research nut, her writing usually includes both of those elements.