You Can't Feel Miserable If You're Dead – You can't Feel Anything!

You Can't Feel Miserable If You're Dead
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Even if you are in extreme physical and mental pain and are about to die, since you are the only life form off Planet Earth in the entire universe that could experience such events - you just have to learn how to enjoy it!

This is the base line for belief in the Strong Brain Club. If you can read this then that means you are alive and all complaints should stop there. The concept is simple: you need to be ALIVE to feel terrible. Being alive is above all. If “life” is required to feel terrible, then being ALIVE should be foremost in your thoughts. The next time you feel awful, terrible or as if life is not worth living you have to stop and grasp the concept that such emotions can only be possessed by a living being. You can’t feel miserable if you are dead. TO be human is to experience. Advanced humans are self-aware. Super advanced humans are aware of being self-aware. Self-aware humans know that a human experience is unique in the entire universe. Self aware humans know that any discomfort in being alive is something that a rock or anything that is not alive just can’t feel.

Life on Earth is abundant. Everywhere you look there is life- it’s hard to get away from it. Life off this planet is non-existence, as far as we know. Glancing up at the night sky what is visible is only a fraction of the universe. You are the only life form in this universe that can feel anything. So whenever life goes from bad to extreme worse you just have to learn how to enjoy it. This concept is not that difficult. You can’t feel miserable if you are dead.

Doug Mazell

About Doug Mazell (Orange County, California Author)

Doug Mazell

Advertising photographer and feature film cinematographer Doug Mazell has been looking at humanity and trying to figure out why anyone does anything since the age of twelve. As a photographer and cinematographer his job was to transform all aspects of society into images that don't exist in real life. Mazell's photography and film experience has run the gambit from corporate to fashion; from pro sports to beautiful women in a bikinis standing in front of a hot rod car. His feature films have been everything from horror stories to love stories. Mazell understands light and sees the wonders of the real world 24 hours per day.

Since Mazell has been looking at society and trying to figure out why any human does anything, he has developed his own perception of humanity. His "whatever you need to believe" attitude demonstrates that he never picks a side in a fight. Being a third party neutral observer offers him an unfiltered view on whatever he sees in his day to day life. His observations are his own and he doesn't expect anyone to follow his lead, only to start being self-aware themselves. One of his core beliefs is the core values in each of the sexes. The proof of these core values can be found in the number of living humans, almost eight billion at last count. You may disagree with these observations, but the numbers don't lie. The core values in a human woman are to find a clean safe place to raise her children and have a man out front for protection and supplies. The core values in a human man are to have as much sex as possible. With these core values observed it is easy to figure out why any human does anything. Again, "whatever you need to believe is what you need to believe."

Mazell's purpose at the moment to try to wake up humanity. To take humanity off autopilot and begin the search for a purpose to justify humanity's existence. So far humanity has only survived and it's time to move on. It's time for humanity to become self-aware and begin its journey to the next level of existence.