Your Chariot Awaits – The Andi McConnell Mysteries, Book 1

Your Chariot Awaits
290 Pages
Rogue Ridge Press

YOUR CHARIOT AWAITS Downsized from her job Dumped by her boyfriend. Depressed by her upcoming 60th birthday Not a good week for Andi McConnell. But now there's good news! She's just inherited a limousine from an eccentric uncle. The bad news is that a dead body soon turns up in the trunk. And the worst news is that law enforcement thinks she put it there. She knows she didn't - so who did? Then, when the bullets start flying, there's another big question. Are those limousine windows really bullet proof?

Lorena McCourtney

About Lorena McCourtney (Grants Pass, Oregon Author)

Lorena McCourtney

Lorena McCourtney is the author of 48 books of mystery and romance. She began writing in grade school and submitted stories to various girls' magazines. Unimpressed with her youthful "talent," editors quickly returned the stories. She had better luck in high school with her first "professional" sale, an article published in an Alaskan magazine.

After graduation from Washington State with a degree in agriculture, she went to work for a Midwestern meat packing company. Where she quickly discovered she did not want to make a life's work of writing about raising hogs and making sausage. She then went on to write fiction - numerous children's short stories, confessions, and mass-market romance novels. After that it was Christian romances and finally the genre which she feels is her real home, lighthearted Christian mysteries.

Lorena has lived in the Grants Pass area for over 50 years. She and her husband Jim enjoy traveling, relaxing in their travel trailer on their Rogue River lot, and searching for treasures (and finding junk) with their metal detector.