Yvette's Story – Love's MisAdventures

Yvette's Story
425 Pages
ISBN 1520713436

Yvette juggles Business school, work, parties, apartment hunting and seeking revenge on a guy that took advantage of her at a party. Yvette deals with circumstances that no twenty three year old should have to experience. After receiving word that her target had been killed, she is forced to go into hiding for months. Not wanting to let her guard down, Yvette moves to a seedy hotel, takes on an assumed name ‘Eve Jones’ and tackles obstacles from one extreme to another, all while hiding thousands of embezzled dollars in a storage locker, until she comes up with a better solution of fulfilling her dream of dressing the stars.

Yvette married her first husband Rick Watson right after high school and wanted this love to be an adventure, but he was murdered after a year of marriage; because he embezzled money from the wrong person; and it clearly was an unfortunate event. After Rick's funeral she thought that she would never wed again. Then she met Jackson, did not love him, but married him anyway because he promised her an adventure, but that turned out to be the biggest MISADVENTURE of them all. Leaving him in Houston Texas with two broken legs, Yvette returned home to Chicago; hoping to forget the tragedies that she keeps encountering in her quest to be married. Not wanting to give up on life or love, Yvette is continuing her education, building her dress Boutique; and is out searching for husband number three; with hopes that she can settle down and put her life on the right love track.

It shouldn't be that hard.

Ava Loretta Futrell

About Ava Loretta Futrell (Chicago, Illinois Author)

Ava Loretta Futrell

Ava Loretta Futrell was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois by her two loving parents William and Loretta, along with her two siblings; who all encouraged each other that they can accomplish anything. She is married and the mother of two, and the grandmother of four. She began writing short stories in 1995, and was encouraged to continue on to becoming a published author. During the early years; she honed her writing skills by writing short stories to pique the interest of her friends and family. She also enrolled in online writing workshops to further educate herself and her craft. She entered several writing contests for the opportunity, the challenge and for fun. She found her writing style to be like the way she speaks; which is in the parenthetical narrative. Ava Loretta obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from Robert Morris University.

She enjoys sewing, scrapbooking, dancing and photography.