• Basic Info

  • What is Hometown Reads?

    Hometown Reads is a new author platform focused on showcasing books by location. We want to highlight authors in their hometowns so local readers can discover local authors. We also want to help authors network with each other to share marketing advice and help each other to get the word out about their books.

  • What are benefits to me as an author?

    We will share marketing ideas and resources and will use our social media connections to drive interest in and traffic to the site, your city page, and your book page. We’ll invite you to a private Facebook group with other authors in your hometown and we’ll post regularly to invite interaction. We also offer bi-weekly webinars to connect with authors. Ideally, you will engage with others, meet authors to collaborate with, and create ways to spread the word about the great books from authors in your hometown. We’ll also email ideas and resources to you intermittently.

  • How much does this cost?

    Listing one book on our site is completely free.

  • Can I list more than one book?

    We are recently released functionality for authors to list multiple books for live cities only. This is available on a city-by-city basis, so our team can effectively and efficiently manage the new book submissions. If you want to know if your city has been opened to add multiple books, please email us at ideas@hometownreads.com. If you are in a city where we have opened up the multi-book functionality, you will add your additional books in the dashboard of your author account. Each book will be held in a “draft state” to be quickly reviewed and approved by our Hometown Reads staff.

  • Can people buy my book on your site?

    No. We are not selling or distributing books, only highlighting them. Think of Hometown Reads as a digital bookshelf. However, your individual book page will have a “Buy Now” link that goes to the retailer of your choice, as well as a “Learn More” link where you can share your website, blog or other online resource.

  • What is the process for adding my book to your site?

    You can sign up for a free page on our Join Page. Once you do that, you’ll land on our SUBMIT page, where you can submit all the information about your book, including your author photo and book cover image. Once you’ve submitted all the relevant information, we’ll review your submission and publish your page (if your city is active on our site). This process typically takes about 48 hours once you send your information through our form. When we make your site live, you’ll receive an email from us letting you know that your free book page is ready.

  • What is a primary book?

    If you are in a city that has been opened for our multi-book functionality, you have the option to choose a primary book. This book will display at the forefront of your city page, as well as the primary book on your author book page. Additional books will be subsequently listed as “other books by this author” on your book page. We recommend having your primary book being your newest release.

  • What is an author account?

    Once your city has been approved to proceed with our multi-book functionality, you will have the ability to login and edit your own books on Hometown Reads via your own author account. Your changes will be monitored and approved from the “draft state” by our staff to maintain the site’s integrity. For questions regarding your author account, please email us.

  • My Hometown

  • I live in a city that is not yet live on your site. When will my hometown be live?

    If you are in a city that is not yet live, we’d love your help in developing a presence in your city. Send any authors in your area to the Join Page to submit their books.

    As soon as we have 10 books in any given location, we’ll open up a new hometown on our site and start promoting your books. If you’d like help in developing a presence in your city, please email us at ideas@hometownreads.com for ideas about how to connect with authors in your hometown.

  • What does it mean to be a founding author in my hometown?

    If you are among the first 10 authors with books listed on the site when a page goes live, we consider you a founding author. We are working to create some special recognition and perks for you. You are a trailblazer! Your participation in sharing Hometown Reads with authors in your hometown will help us reach more people with your hometown’s books. We invite you to join us in creating a powerful platform to create opportunities for authors to reach more readers — from your hometown to the world.

  • What does Hometown mean?

    We realize that many people have lived in many cities throughout their life, so choosing one hometown can be confusing. On Hometown Reads, we ask that authors choose the town they are currently living in as their “hometown.” Our goal is to help you form relationships with authors and readers who live near you, so your current hometown is the best choice.

  • Can I be listed under more than one hometown?

    We ask that authors choose one hometown to join. If you split your time between two hometowns, pick the one that you think will benefit you the most.

  • Setting Up My Free Author Page

  • What is a headshot?

    A headshot is an author photo. Typically, a professional photo is best, but if you do not have a professional photo, you can provide a close up photo, taken against a nice background with good lighting. We request that you provide a photo that is cropped or resized to 320 px wide by 320 px high. Start with a high resolution photo so that your photo is sharp, not pixelated.

  • What do I need to provide for my book cover image?

    We request that you start with a high resolution FLAT image of your book cover. Please don’t take a photo of your book cover. If your book is listed on an online retailer, you can save the book cover image from that site. We request that you crop and resize your cover image to 300 px wide by 450 px high.

  • What link should I include for my “buy” link?

    Include a link to your preferred online retailer, or to a buy page on your website, if you sell books from there.

  • What should I include for my “learn more” link?

    Include a link to your author or book website if you have one. If you don’t have a website, you may want to link to a Facebook page or other social media information about you or your book.

  • What if I don’t know how to resize my author photo?

    We recommend that you try free online photo editing software, ask a tech savvy friend, or ask someone in the Hometown Reads Author group in your city.

    In the future, we plan to launch a concierge service and we will provide photo editing service for a fee.