A New Age Christian – My Spiritual Journey

A New Age Christian
230 Pages
Bridging the Gap Ministries
ISBN 0-9658949-0-8

A NEW AGE CHRISTIAN: My Spiritual Journey is a "first of its kind" spiritual autobiography in which Detweiler bridges the gap between traditional Christianity and New Age spirituality in ways that promote healing of the anger and disillusionment millions of spiritual seekers are presently experiencing.

Integrated into the account of her fascinating personal adventures on the spiritual Path are well-documented answers to questions such as: If God is Love, then why...? Have I lived before? Is astrology sacred--or taboo? Is hell. as a place of eternal punishment, biblical? Did Jesus have to die in order for humanity to be forgiven? Are we gods--as Jesus taught? Who is Jesus--really?

Inspirational, courageous, honest, loving, and at times heartrending, Detweiler's quest confirms her bottom line theological statement: God is Love.

Nancy B. Detweiler

About Nancy B. Detweiler (Richmond, Virginia Author)

Nancy B. Detweiler

Nancy graduated from Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC, with a B.A. degree in Social Studies and a minor in Education; earned a M.Ed. in Counseling Education from the University of NC in Greensboro; attended 2 years at Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest, NC; and earned a M.Div. in a 4 year program at Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, VA, with a focus on Biblical Studies. She did a semester's pastoral care internship at Dix Mental Hospital and a year's internship as a solo minister of a Disciples of Christ Church as a part of the her seminary requirements. She later served as co-supply minister at a Unity Church until a permanent minister could be found. She is listed in The Who's Who In the South & Southwest.

Her professional experience includes a Social Worker with Mothers & Children and later, with Foster Children; Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor with a caseload of physically handicapped individuals; a caseload of mentally challenged/psychiatric patients in a Halfway House; and a caseload of severely physically handicapped individuals. She then entered private practice as a counselor/astrologer, workshop leader, and metaphysical teacher. During retirement, she maintains her interest in research and publishes her findings on her website and blog as a part of her Bridging the Gap Ministries.

Nancy's main focus in writing is to bridge the gap between traditional Christianity and the emerging desire for a deeper spirituality and an understanding of the Hidden Wisdom within the Bible. She is the author of two metaphysically oriented books: A NEW AGE CHRISTIAN: My Spiritual Journey; and WHERE ARE YOU, GOD: A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Biblical Book of Job. In addition she wrote a genealogy of THE CAUDLES of ANSON COUNTY, NC. This book is posted for free at: http://pathwaytoascension.com/caudles/index.htm and in the State Libraries of NC & VA.

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