A Second Chance – White Oak 3

A Second Chance
254 Pages

War veteran Jason McMillan is finally ready to go home. Facing the town and listening to the rumors about his past and his stability is difficult. After all, they remember more than he does. Invisible war wounds have left pieces of his life blurry and unclear. But determined to right his past wrongs, he forges ahead. He’s spent the last few years putting himself back together, and the final piece is his family or so he thought…

Gwen Brookmyer cannot believe he's back. The last thing she needs right now is a blast from the past that she's determined to forget. Living with her eccentric mom and her sister is enough to make any woman crazy. An encounter with Jason just may put her over the edge. But when she realizes the pain Jason's gone through, his story pulls at her heartstrings--as well as heightens her desire for the man who left her so long ago.

Can Gwen let down her guard for a second chance with a man who's past holds him back from getting the life he so deserves?

Terri Jones

About Terri Jones (Nashville, Tennessee Author)

Terri Jones

Terri Jones is an author from Nashville, TN. She loves character-driven stories and the psychology of what makes people tick. She's a Southern girl and drawn to stories set in the South and the people that inhabit the area. Although, any resemblance is entirely coincidental. Terri is working on her next novel. When not writing, she enjoys hiking and exploring with her husband and two boys.

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