As I Stand Here Ironing

As I Stand Here Ironing
88 Pages
Reality Today Forum
ISBN 978-1503149243

As Tina is ironing, she questions things and then her mind wonders with each item she irons.

What ever happened to perma-press? Tina asks herself as she is ironing a linen pair of capris, and is having difficulty getting the wrinkles out. She goes through the history of fabrics, from perma press, to wrinkle free, to natural fibers, to those that today need ironing, just when life should be simpler.

As Tina is ironing her husband’s dress shirt, she questions why her husband is steadfast on wearing a business suit with a dress shirt and tie in his stock broker business. She also reflects on what a clean-cut person he is, and how everything has to be in order, and when things get out of order, that it drives him crazy. Speaking of crazy….

As Tina irons a dress she wore to a party she attended with her husband, she reflects on the good times they used to have together and wondered what happened between them.

Valerie Hockert

About Valerie Hockert (Twin Cities, Minnesota Author)

Valerie Hockert

Valerie Hockert grew up in the Midwest, where she has spent most of her life. She has a Master’s Degree in Liberal Studies and a PhD in Literary Studies, and has put her degree(s) to good use through teaching at various college campuses, and online colleges. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, Valerie went into publishing, and was the publisher of several national publications.

Valerie also was in real estate, owned a tanning salon and boutique, is a certified personal trainer, as well as a professional writer for RTF Communication, has written 25 fiction novels (some under other pen names), 3 collections of short stories, 4 novellas, 9 books on teaching various subjects, and 16 other books. Valerie also likes to do various crafts, and is a great chef, having published some of her own cookbooks.