Cadie and Samuel: In the Interim – A Children of Corvus Short Story

Cadie and Samuel: In the Interim
50 Pages
ISBN 978-1720245858

The events in this short-story take place during the weeks between the novels Merula and Corvus.

Focusing on Samuel Singleton and Cadie Maxwell's brief romantic interlude, the story adds depth and understanding to their complicated emotional connection.

L.E. Harrison

About L.E. Harrison (Reading, Pennsylvania Author)

L.E. Harrison

L.E. Harrison is the author of the contemporary fantasy trilogy the Children of Corvus, as well as a collection of previously published poems and short stories.

A lifelong avid reader and lover of genre fiction—from science fiction to paranormal romance, and everything in between—she’s inspired by stories that blur boundaries, and by the authors who manage to do it exceptionally well. She lives in a hundred-sixty-year-old farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania, where she is busy working on the next chapter in the universe of Soluna’s children.