Carnival Ride

Carnival Ride
218 Pages
Independently Published
ISBN 9780982643617

Violet's life changes the day the Taylor Brothers Carnival comes to town. She meets Kit, a seemingly normal man who carries a dark past. His easy smile and warm charm convinces Violet and her family to attend the carnival. Kit watches them walk away and tears fill his eyes. What comes next must happen, for his plan is already underway.

Nightmares trouble Violet in the nights leading up to the carnival featuring vivid and frightening images. Disturbed but unknowingly of what's happening, she goes with her family to the carnival anyway and they board Kit's ride where she blacks out. A voice in her mind whispers foul deeds. Violet is forced to obey. Fearful his plan will be discovered, Kit continues his mental assaults on Violet.

Working with a man he trusts, Kit struggles moreover when a twist of events occurs. Violet begins the fight for her life as she struggles with a major loss as well as Kit's constant assault on her mind. She doesn't know how it will end, but she does know that she will never be the same again.

Benjamin Mollenhour

About Benjamin Mollenhour (Seattle, Washington Author)

Benjamin Mollenhour

Welcome all and thanks for checking out my Author Page! My name is Ben and I live with my wife, Vy, in Seattle, Washington. During our free time when I'm not writing for fun, we like to take road trips, hike, and enjoy life's little adventures. I love history and visiting old historical sites and areas, main streets, old buildings, ghost towns, and love researching history - especially local history (wherever I am at the time).

In regards to history, I enjoy writing historical articles and have been published in numerous journals and historical publications. I also enjoy poetry and prose and besides my chapbook, my writing has been published in the Tombstone Epitaph, Tucson Weekly, and many more. Check out my website at to see more and thanks for visiting my page!

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