Liebe Kück! – A German Soldiers Story from the Great War

Liebe Kück!
280 Pages
ISBN 978-1=5035-5471-9

Liebe Kück! A German Soldier’s Story from the Great War is based on the letters Vice Feldwebel (Staff Sergeant) Alwin Ficke of the Seventy-Fourth Reserve German Infantry, stationed on the Western Front of the War, wrote home to his wife and family from August 1914 until his death in France in February 1915. Sergeant Ficke’s viewpoint was contrary to the popularized media reports of German military actions in Belgium and the Champagne Valley. This ugly war is best understood not through popularized media reports but as it is seen though the personal wars of soldiers and their families. His is the story of the journey taken from home to battle representing the struggles and turmoil in the lives of legions of others.

Dr. Peter Lubrecht

About Dr. Peter Lubrecht (North Jersey Author)

Dr. Peter Lubrecht

Peter Lubrecht Sr. has a doctorate in educational theater from New York University. An avid researcher with an interest in historical theater, he has been lecturing locally on the Civil War, Shakespeare, the Booth family and nineteenth-century American theater. Currently, he is an adjunct professor of English at Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.