Murder At The Mausoleum (Book 3 in Series) – A Bittersweet Hollow Mystery

Murder At The Mausoleum (Book 3 in Series)
206 Pages
ISBN 978-1946063717

When three elderly residents of Bittersweet Hollow stumble across the body of Wendell Moon, shot through the heart in the cemetery behind the First Presbyterian Church, fingers are pointed at several suspects including Harper Reed’s ex-husband, Eli. Wendell—one of the town’s foremost attorneys—represents a client’s two million dollar lawsuit against Eli, and witnesses overhear Eli threaten to kill Wendell. With motives piling up against him, Harper’s ex disappears and Sheriff Waylon Darcy alleges Eli is guilty and has gone on the lam.

Several years ago Eli had an affair with Wendell’s now widow, Mary, resulting in Harper divorcing Eli. Harper suspects Mary has had something to do with Wendell's murder. Not only has Harper caught her former nemesis in several lies, but she's also convinced Mary knows more than she's telling. With her sister, Lonnie, friend Maggie, and co-worker Helen, Harper goes on the hunt to track down Eli and reveal the real killer. As she uncovers clues pointing to California, shadowy relatives, and furtive love affairs, she uncovers one more murder suspect. Unfortunately, this one is handsome and as attracted to Harper as she is to him.

Annie Irvin

About Annie Irvin (Des Moines, Iowa Author)

Annie Irvin

Annie Irvin has enjoyed a nomadic life and after inheriting her grandfather's large collection of books still found room in the U-Haul for every last page even if it meant leaving behind the kitchen table.

Annie loves writing cozy mysteries with her sister, Rae Sanders. This is done by e-mail and over the phone because Rae lives in Minnesota where it just gets to darn cold. Besides the cozy mysteries Annie write adult mystery/romance stories.

After several very interesting jobs and several not so memorable ones, Annie settled down back in Iowa where she started and now lives in Ankeny.

Rae Sanders

About Rae Sanders (Co-Author)

Rae Sanders

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