Nero's Concert

Nero's Concert
339 Pages
ISBN 9781481823180

July, 64 AD - Rome has burned to the ground, leaving thousands of people dead and injured and many more without food or shelter. The angry citizens blame Emperor Nero for the fire. Nero orders his close friend Rusticus to investigate, hoping to blame the fire on a strange new religious sect called the Christians.

Instead Rusticus discovers three murdered senators, slain by the same person who killed his wife two years earlier. He also falls in love with Camilia, not knowing she is a Christian, a capital crime, and has introduced his eight-year-old daughter to its secret rites. Will he be loyal to Nero or to the woman who deceived him? Can he keep his family safe and still avenge his wife's murder?

Don Westenhaver

About Don Westenhaver (Long Beach, California Author)

Don Westenhaver

Don Westenhaver served with the Marines in Vietnam as a radioman and interpreter. He was a finance executive in the oil and auto industries, which allowed him to travel to Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa. These experiences inspire his historical novels, which often take place in other countries and centuries. He is an officer of the Southern California Writers Association and a member of the Military Writers Society of America.

Don has published five historical novels: The Whiplash Hypothesis, The Red Turtle Project, Nero’s Concert, Alexander’s Lighthouse, and Missing Star.

Don and his wife Ellie are happily retired. They volunteer at several different charities, play golf, enjoy movies and novels, and love to travel. They are blessed with two daughters and two grandchildren.

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