Rebel Guardians – Sin Eaters Chronicles: BTB Book 1

Rebel Guardians
263 pages Pages
KWH Publishing
ISBN 978-1511540810

Return to the world of the Sin Eaters.

The call to arms has gone global and a year later it's now time for the youngest members of the House of Dusk, Darren 'Dare' Steele and Takeshi 'Take' Satou to head to the streets and keep watch on their first assigned Guide Tatiana 'Tweet' Braves. But, it's Dare who might have his hands full in the process.

She sees dead people...

Tatiana is proving to be very unique. Thrust in the middle of a supernatural world she once thought was a figment of her imagination. With the Cursed after Tatiana for harboring an object of antiquity, it's up to her to trigger her unique tie to the ancient artifact and help the new Rebel Guardians Dare and Take as they find themselves in the midst of a raging war, hailed by The Oracle herself.

Journey back into the paranormal world of the Sin Eaters with the Guardians as they guide you to the next short chapter in the future Devotion Book Series.

Kai Leakes

About Kai Leakes (St. Louis, Missouri Author)

Kai Leakes

Take a Journey with Kai Leakes.

Born in Iowa, but later relocating and raised in Alton, IL and St. Louis, MO, Kai Leakes was an imaginative Midwestern child, who gained an addiction to books at an early age. The art of imagination was the very start of Kai’s path of writing which lead her to creating the Sin Eaters: Devotion Books Series and continuing works. Since a young child, her love for creating, vibrant romance and fantasy driven mystical tales, continues to be a major part of her very DNA. With the goal of sharing tales that entertain and add color to a gray literary world, Kai Leakes hopes to continue to reach out to those who love the same fantasy, paranormal, romantic, sci/fi, and soon, steampunk-driven worlds that shaped her unique multi-faceted and diverse vision. You can find Kai Leakes at:

“The Light Always Prevails.” - Kai Leakes.