Remembering the Future – The physics of the soul and time travel

Remembering the Future
208 Pages
ISBN 9781453798904

What if there is a reason humans are the only beings on Earth ability to move our consciousness through time? There is evidence that human observation of a moment in time can actually alter that moment; in the past or the future. We do it unconsciously every moment of every day. This book teaches you the science and the esoteric reality of performing that observation on purpose.

Learn how to craft your future and repair your past so that you stop the cycle of failure and unlock the bounty of the universe for yourself. A self-improvement book? Yes, and so much more. The discovery of how to mesh resonance theory with the Observation Effect has unlocked the secret of time travel and manipulation to reveal the potential of all potentialities. Unlock the true purpose of your life.

What if you learned that the Big Bang never happened? What if the universe was still a singularity, and hence perceivable all at once by the human intellect? What if this book could show you who you really are? All you have to do is begin reading, and the rest will unfold for you like nothing you have ever experienced. Millions of people say this is the best book on the subject of human observation of time ever written. Why not find out for yourself?

Brooks A. Agnew

About Brooks A. Agnew (Charlotte, North Carolina Author)

Brooks A. Agnew

Brooks Agnew is the author of ten books in print with seven Amazon best-sellers. He is a world renowned public speaker and one of the most recognized voices in internet talk radio. He is a multi-patented engineer, SixSigma Master Black Belt and currently the CEO of an electric truck company based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

He entered the Air Force in 1973 and graduated 2nd in his class in Electronics Engineering. He graduated with honors in Chemistry from Tennessee Technological University in 1994 and earned advanced degrees in Statistics and Physics.