Sinners & Saints – A Patriot's Manifesto

Sinners & Saints
222 Pages
ISBN 153313572X

My name is Zoey Major and I live in Fort Star, New Jersey. I am also a survivor in the zombie apocalypse. Seems very cut and dry but I have been hiding something- like really huge. My secret is game changing. I am not like the others... I know, what a surprise twist!

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you why I am different. If you really want to know, you have to figure it out. Hey, even in these dark times, a girl needs her secrets.

Kristina Garlick

About Kristina Garlick (North Jersey Author)

Kristina Garlick

As an author of several books, one would think Kristina Garlick would have no problem writing a bio about herself but this is not the case. If you ask her why, she will go off on a tangent about something completely unrelated.

A few things Kristina is willing to disclose: she knows how to make soap (yes, soap) and she is also a proud pet parent. Finally, Kristina can grow a mean zucchini and other veggies as long as that pesky groundhog stays out of her garden. Enough about Kristina as she much rather you check out her books.