So That Just Hapened – True Tales of Childhood and Other Shennanigans

So That Just Hapened
122 Pages
ISBN 1503133443

This true story follows Rachel and her younger brother Brad as they grow up in the rural Midwest. Because of the private location (lack of neighborhood kids to play with), bossy Rachel and slightly-naive Brad are given the opportunity (forced) to make their own fun. The siblings find themselves in many random situations ("Yes, that giant tortoise DID SO break my arm!") and dealing with ridiculous problems ("I have just spent all afternoon peeling 108 grapes... how can I convince my family to pay me for this?") Their antics usually get them into trouble by their often bemused and always bewildered parents, whose main contribution to the story lies in shaking their heads and saying, "And what you made you think THAT was a good idea?" Written through the comical and idealistic eyes of a child, yet with the added understanding and wit of an adult, this book will keep you laughing as you reminisce about your own childhood... and wondering how you ever survived it.

Rachel Moore

About Rachel Moore (St. Louis, Missouri Author)

Rachel Moore

My name is Rachel Moore and I am about to release my second book from Olympia Publishers. This book is called "Knowing" and it's about a world where everyone knows what day they are going to die, and how that knowledge shapes the choices they make throughout their life. It definitely made me think as a writer, and I believe it will make you think as a reader as well. After all, isn't gaining a new perspective one of the greatest things about a book?! I also wrote "The Space Between", a coming of age story about two young boys, published by Olympia in 2019. I self published a memoir novella called "So That Just Happened, True Tales of Childhood and Other Shennagins". I love to write, I love to read! I also enjoy traveling and I'm a huge animal lover. I've been writing since I was a girl, and I love learning more about myself through each book I work on! I live in St Louis with my amazing boyfriend Matt, our two dogs, and our shit-disturbing cat. Your comments are welcome at Thanks for the support!!

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