The Blue Garou – Book Two - Cadillac Holland Mysteries

The Blue Garou
232 Pages
NEMO Publishing
ISBN 978-1634156325

The "Cadillac" Holland Mysteries are a compelling mix of mystery, political thriller, and travelogue of one of America's favorite destinations seen through the eyes of a detective as battered as the city he patrols. Detective Holland has come home as a retired Special Forces and Intelligence operative and brings those specialized skills to bear on investigations that all too often place him squarely at odds with NOPD and the FBI's own way of doing things. It's why the Chief of Detectives only assigns "Cadillac" cases which are as unique and challenging as the detective's way of seeking justice and not just answers.


Detective Cooter 'Cadillac' Holland left a career in military intelligence to join the Louisiana State Patrol and find the solution to his father's disappearance in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. He returned to the city of his birth, only to find it as battered and PTSD wracked as himself. Four years have passed and he has not solved that case that brought him home. Now he's asked to prove that a pit bull is the murder weapon and not the murderer of New Orleans' most notorious criminal. The dog's tracks lead to the murder victim's son, street-wise fiancé, and a bodyguard with secrets of his own.

The investigation crosses paths with the FBI's investigation into a rap music label, the DEA's search for a storage locker of missing firearms, a dog-fighting ring, and blackmail involving a famous Hollywood actress. Most surprising of all is that the clues will begin to heat up Detective Holland's own cold case. It seems everyone has a secret in post-Katrina New Orleans and NOPD's Chief of Detectives can only hope Detective Holland will be able to find a solution which will "reach a conclusion in line with everyone's perception of justice."

H. Max Hiller

About H. Max Hiller (New Orleans, Louisiana Author)

H. Max Hiller

My relationship with New Orleans began with a job cooking in a cafe on Bourbon Street at the age of seventeen. My foodservice resume now includes many of New Orleans’ iconic music and dining destinations. I no longer reside in New Orleans full time but I keep to the expat creed of “Be a New Orleanian wherever you are.”

A devoted reader of detective and crime novels, I have worked as a chef on a boat traveling the inland waterways since Hurricane Katrina and began thinking up stories about a detective living in post-Katrina New Orleans, which I now write in my spare time.

My life is divided between working on the water and preserving a Victorian-era home that I share with my wife and our rescue pets, which include a neurotic wolfhound/terrier mix and too many cats.