The Making of Perfect Soldiers

The Making of Perfect Soldiers
190 Pages
ISBN 978-1-329-10953-7

The Making of Perfect Soldiers is Phil Pisani’s exciting sequel to the successful Maggie’s Wars. Maggie Hogan is confused and dazed about the news of her lover Johnny Pero’s death. Her response is to delve back into her work as a war correspondent, looking for some kind of answer. As war breaks out in Korea, she must follow the soldiers into bloody battles and do her job. But she is a woman in a man’s world. She bravely fights for her own survival in conflict and tries to overcome the obstacles she faces. But as a female war correspondent, she is not readily accepted by the soldiers she is reporting on. Her stories are blocked by censorship and Maggie is shocked by unexpected, astounding events.

However, she slowly fights her way to success, and in the end gains the notoriety she so ambitiously wanted. But, it is not enough. Dispatched to wars on new fronts, she finds herself a war correspondent in the ravaged streets of Budapest during the Hungarian Revolution and later having to witness the beginning confusion and bloodshed in Vietnam.

Maggie Hogan is determined to tell the truth of her past stories, while still wrestling with her personal life and the feelings of love she cannot control. But this is war, and Maggie must make hard choices, choices that could place her in more danger and pit her against greater foes. Maggie is a woman who does not give up, no matter what or who tries blocking her way. In this exciting sequel to Maggie’s Wars, Phil Pisani hits the target yet again.  

Phil Pisani

About Phil Pisani (Albany, New York Author)

Phil Pisani

Phil Pisani grew up on the north side of the railroad tracks in an upstate New York blue-collar industrial town in a rough neighborhood filled with the most colorful characters in the world. Factory and tannery workers mingled with bar and restaurant owners, gamblers and gangsters, good people and bad people, brash rogues and weak loudmouths, all spawned by the early immigrant movement to America. Italians, Russians, Slovaks, Irish, and Germans formed a rough and tough section of town where few from the south side dared to venture. He learned to fight at a very young age, both in the ring and on the streets. Fights became badges of honor. He also was a voracious reader. His mother worked in the village's library. After school, or fights or sandlot football games he would curl away into the adult reading section. Enjoying the polished blonde oak bookshelves, tables and chairs, he would choose a book from the stacks and delve into its smells and contents. Reading soothed him.

He studied history and humanities in Pisa, Italy, and Oswego State in New York and later earned a MA in Political Science from Binghamton University.

He worked as a labor investigator for NY and rose in the ranks through the years but never stopped writing or reading.

He currently lives in Albany NY, with his wife Joanne.

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