The Short of It – Speculative Short Stories

The Short of It
31 Pages

Five bite-sized stories of science fiction, fantasy, and horror that can each be read in a single sitting.

Time Management (science fiction) The Bureau of Time Management is here to help.

Doomsday (science fiction) Aliens! Are they in your basement?

The Knight in the Lobby (fantasy) George is confronted by a knight on a horse as he leaves work.

The Door in the Attic (horror) The door had not been there when she moved in.

To the Waters and the Wild (magical realism) The river took her brother. But took him where?

Kit Campbell

About Kit Campbell (Denver, Colorado Author)

Kit Campbell

It is a little known fact that Kit was raised in the wild by a marauding gang of octopuses. It wasn’t until she was 25 that she was discovered by a traveling National Geographic scientist and brought back to civilization. This is sometimes apparent in the way that she attempts to escape through tubes when startled.

Her transition to normalcy has been slow, but scientists predict that she will have mastered basics such as fork use sometime in the next year. More complex skills, such as proper grocery store etiquette, may be forever outside her reach.

Kit lives in Colorado in a house of ever-increasing chaos. She can be found around the internet at, @KitCampbell, and on Goodreads.