Twenty-Seven – Book 1 The Hunt

158 Pages
ISBN 978-1491787250

In Book 1 of the Twenty-Seven series fifty-six-year-old Gilbert Morgan has treasure hunting in his blood. While on a dive to find a sunken ship, Morgan is nearly out of oxygen when he accidentally cuts his hand on a thorny plant. While he sleeps, his body reverts back to that of a twenty-seven year old.

After his diving crew stares at him in disbelief the next morning, a now much younger-looking Morgan quickly determines the source of his youthfulness and excavates the plant. While Morgan attemps to understand how to replicate the process and subsequently commercialize it, billionare William S. Bates, who has learned of the aquatic plant’s amazing powers, launches a fast-paced chase to steal the plant from its rightful owner.

Join Morgan and his crew through the wild ride that ensues with such an invaluable treasure hunt find.

Jolene Polyack

About Jolene Polyack (Fresno, California Author)

Jolene Polyack

Jolene writes columns, news and feature articles, short stories, blogs and novels.

She has always written in one form or another, yet didn’t consider herself a novelist until the idea for Twenty-Seven percolated in her mind for months. She most recently completed her fourth fictional novel, Seven Bridges.

Her favorite thing to do is anything she hasn't done before. Some fun experiences she’s enjoyed: summitting Mount Whitney & Half Dome; going on a Big Foot Hunt & a ghost hunt; experiencing a sensory deprivation chamber; being a fighter-pilot for a day; driving a NASCAR; taking trapeze lessons; and jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

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