Twenty-Seven – Book 2 Discovery

123 Pages
ISBN 978-1-4917-8727-4

In Book 1, The Hunt of the Twenty-Seven series fifty-six-year-old treasure hunter Gilbert Morgan discovers an underwater throny plant which restores his body back to that of a twenty-seven-year-old.

In Book 2, Discovery, the Morgan’s have successfully commercialized the plant and now, ten years later are as equally wealthy as their nemisis William S. Bates. The Morgan’s are surprised when Bates pops back into their lives until they discover his diabolical scheme to ruin mankind. Only the Morgan’s will be able to stop him.

Find out what a world with no aging can be like in this fast-paced thriller designed to keep your heart pounding.

Jolene Polyack

About Jolene Polyack (Fresno, California Author)

Jolene Polyack

Jolene writes columns, news and feature articles, short stories, blogs and novels.

She has always written in one form or another, yet didn’t consider herself a novelist until the idea for Twenty-Seven percolated in her mind for months. She most recently completed her fourth fictional novel, Seven Bridges.

Her favorite thing to do is anything she hasn't done before. Some fun experiences she’s enjoyed: summitting Mount Whitney & Half Dome; going on a Big Foot Hunt & a ghost hunt; experiencing a sensory deprivation chamber; being a fighter-pilot for a day; driving a NASCAR; taking trapeze lessons; and jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

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