Wacky Bible Blockheads – It's a Fact

Wacky Bible Blockheads
160 Pages
ISBN 978-0310744191

From the It's a Fact series, Wacky Bible Blockheads introduces you to some well-known biblical figures who did some pretty unusual things. Not everyone in the Bible was as wise as King Solomon. You'd think Samson would have figured out his wife was out to get him after the first two attempts on his life. And Lot's wife makes a pretty good example of why you should listen when God says, "Don't look." Even David, a "man after God's own heart," made some blockhead moves. Wacky Bible Blockheads highlights "duh" moments in the Old and New Testaments—some you might know and others that could surprise you.

Author Kelly Anne White also contributed to Wacky Bible Gross Outs from the It's a Fact series. The book includes all the disgusting stuff from the Bible—from boils to beheadings, plagues to dining choices. Imagine trying to sleep with gnats crawling in your nose, being covered with bull's blood, or eating nothing but locusts and honey...every single day! Astound your friends with your knowledge of barf-worthy Bible trivia, and maybe even inspire others to pick up the Bible and explore these facts for themselves.

Kelly Anne White

About Kelly Anne White (Baltimore, Maryland Author)

Kelly Anne White

Kelly Anne White is author and contributor of hundreds of articles and books for children, teens, and young adults. Her most recent is a picture book titled The Legend of the Fairy Stones (Morgan James Kids, Spring 2019). Kelly's other titles include The Bible Adventure Book of Scavenger Hunts (Healthy Learning/Coaches Choice, 2016), Choose a Career Adventure at the White House (Cherry Lake Publishing/Sleeping Bear Press, 2016), and Natural Wonders of the World: Yellowstone National Park (Focus Readers/North Star Editions, 2018).

Kelly is well-respected in the literary circuit for her conversational style and knowledge of children’s publishing. Prior to her ventures into book publishing, Kelly spent fifteen years near the tippy-top of the masthead as senior executive editor of Girls’ Life magazine. She also co-authored The Girls’ Life Guide series of books and contributed to multiple other books published in partnership with the magazine.

Additionally, Kelly is a lesson designer for SchoolhouseTeachers.com homeschooling community, as well as a course instructor for professional editors network The PEN Institute. With more than thirty years in media, Kelly has worked as freelance writer, editor, and graphic designer for HarperCollins, Kirkus Media, and Christian Editor Connection. Her works have been published in Cosmopolitan, Teen, Family Life, Discovery Girls, The Baltimore Sun, and more. Kelly is represented by D.J. Snell of Legacy Management.