Wisconsin Cheese

Wisconsin Cheese
12 Pages
ISBN 978-1-5323-3406-1

Tourism brochures reach a wider audience than one might think. Our intrepid trio of Jewish mice (Jonah, Ebeneezer, and Bernie) decide they need to sample cheese at the home of world championship cheese factories -- Wisconsin.

Living in NYC, they have to go to the Halls of Congress to work out a transportation plan. First they have to hop onto a subway and avoid getting stepped on before getting off in DC. Luckily, they find that the Speaker of the House makes trips back and forth to Wisconsin all the time. Now finding him and climbing those immense Capitol steps becomes the challenge. After sneaking into his office, they present their case and a somewhat shaken man agrees to help.

He smuggles them onto a plane and they land in Green Bay. He takes them on a tour of Wisconsin landmarks, including Lambeau Field, Sheboygan, and the State Capitol. He explains how he grew up loving weiners and cheese, the history of cheesemaking, and how Wisconsin became so famous for their cheese. When he arrives home to Janesville, he must introduce his new mouse guests to the family. What will they think of these furry travelers?

Lee Trotta

About Lee Trotta (Sheboygan, Wisconsin Author)

Lee Trotta

Lee Trotta has published over 100 scientific reports, but this is his first children's book. It is only the first in a series of mouse adventures planned.

A red-blooded Wisconsinite, Lee played football for the Wisconsin Badgers and has been protecting the environment as a professional geologist over his long career. Now retired and living in Sheboygan, he participates often in plays for Sheboygan Theater Company and sings in the Church choir.

Hardcopy versions of his books are available at the Victorian Chocolate Shoppe, Lucie's Roost, Tiny Tykes Corner, and Book Heads in Sheboygan County. They may also be ordered, along with ebooks at Amazon.com.

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