A Shared Voice – A Tapestry of Tales

A Shared Voice
297 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9852552-0-6

The book is a conversation in narrative by twenty-four of the finest fiction writers in America. A total of twenty-four tales, each linked to another by at least one literary element such as character or setting or theme, make up this first-of-its-kind anthology by writers from Texas and the Carolinas.

The individual short stories in the book include twelve anchor tales--six by writers from Texas and six by writers from the Carolinas--and twelve original works of fiction written in response to the anchor narratives. The result is a rich and varicolored tapestry of narrative voices by writers who have spent their lives weaving tales.

Tom Mack

About Tom Mack (Aiken, South Carolina Author)

Tom Mack

Tom Mack holds the rank of USC Distinguished Professor Emeritus. During his thirty-nine years on the faculty of the University of South Carolina Aiken, twenty-five of those years as chair of the English Department, he was frequently recognized for his teaching, scholarship, and public service. In 2008, the USC Board of Trustees awarded him the prestigious Carolina Trustee Professorship; and in 2014, he received the Governor’s Award in the Humanities.

Besides writing over one hundred articles on American cultural history for various academic journals and reference volumes, Dr. Mack is the author of three books: Circling the Savannah, Hidden History of Aiken County, and Hidden History of Augusta. He also edited The South Carolina Encyclopedia Guide to South Carolina Writers and co-edited, with Andrew Geyer, the composite anthology A Shared Voice, an Indiefab Finalist in 2013. Mack was also the founding editor of The Oswald Review, the first international refereed journal of undergraduate research in the discipline of English (www.scholarcommons.sc.edu/tor).

He chairs the board of governors of the South Carolina Academy of Authors, which manages the state’s literary hall of fame.