Conscious Dying—Conscious Grieving – Creating the Change Necessary to Heal

Conscious Dying—Conscious Grieving
ISBN 978-0-9679545-8-5

Those of us left behind besides feeling sorrow, emptiness, and loss, can also feel bewildered.

Bewildered by:

• Why my loved one?

• Why now?

• Who am I now without their physical presence?

• Why does this happen?

In this memoir about my grief and my healing over my 39-year-old son's death, I do my best to embrace this bewilderment, for by embracing it, I also embrace its healing answers.

I choose to discover who I am now that this life event has unfolded before me. How do I gather its richness and allow it to contribute to my life? How do I allow myself to know and feel its offerings?

Book in progress; available fall 2020.

Cristina Whitehawk

About Cristina Whitehawk (Phoenix, Arizona Author)

Cristina Whitehawk

True wisdom comes from experience and I joyfully share 40+ years of it through my books, workshops, speaking and personal support. I’m big on creating the largest life for myself and want that for you too.