243 Pages
ISBN 9781500421212

There's a vigilante killer loose in San Francisco, and when the justice system fails he doles out his own brand of Justice. Inspector Vince Torelli has handled some of the City's worst murders, but this case has him baffled.

It seems no matter what he does, the killer manages to stay one step ahead of him, anticipating his every move. He finds himself chasing shadows as the body count rises.

Will Vince discover the killer's identity, and will he survive long enough to bring him to justice?

John R Schembra

About John R Schembra (Berkeley, California Author)

John R Schembra

John retired from a small Northern California police department after nearly 30 years of service. Prior to that, he served as a Military Policeman in Vietnam where he had several "adventures" that provided the basis for his first book, MP. John's third book, Diplomatic Immunity is the story of a deadly and talented sniper killing foreign Consuls in San Francisco.

His fourth book, Sin Eater, a murder thriller with supernatural overtones, is due to be released in Sept. 2016.

John has just completed his fourth Vince Torelli novel, Blood Debt and is hard at work on his sixth book, Echo of Lies.

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