Sin Eater

Sin Eater
200 Pages
ISBN 9781925191929

The shocking murder of a professor at San Donorio State College brings the city police to investigate , with Campus Police Officer Sarah Ferris as the college liaison.

Sarah’s friend, Nico Guardino, a history professor at the college, gets drawn into helping and as Nico and Sarah struggle to find the murderer, the killing continues.

As Nico is inexorably drawn deeper and deeper into the investigation, he begins getting flashes of visions and deep feelings of dread that he knows are directly connected to the murderer. He feels the connection becoming stronger, but how and why remains unknown. His feelings and visions are becoming more and more disturbing as the investigation progresses…

John R Schembra

About John R Schembra (Berkeley, California Author)

John R Schembra

John retired from a small Northern California police department after nearly 30 years of service. Prior to that, he served as a Military Policeman in Vietnam where he had several "adventures" that provided the basis for his first book, MP. John's third book, Diplomatic Immunity is the story of a deadly and talented sniper killing foreign Consuls in San Francisco.

His fourth book, Sin Eater, a murder thriller with supernatural overtones, is due to be released in Sept. 2016.

John has just completed his fourth Vince Torelli novel, Blood Debt and is hard at work on his sixth book, Echo of Lies.

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