Thunder Storm – Thunder on the Mountain Series - Book 3

Thunder Storm
314 Pages
ISBN 0989705390

She's looking for solutions . . . Suddenly finding herself the sole caregiver for her aging grandmother, advertising executive, Jeni Jenkins, accepts her best friend's offer to leave Nana in a beautiful Victorian cottage surrounded by friends and a competent nursing staff. Jeni expects to be able to take care of her thriving New York business and to visit Colorado frequently.

He wants no entanglements . . . Setting off sparks every time he and Jeni get near each other, sumptuous local contractor, Miles Jeffries, makes it clear that short-term, long-distance affairs will never be part of his life. As much as she captivates him, he categorically refuses to pursue any suggested relationship with this zany woman who has no intention of sticking around. But what's really preventing him from becoming emotionally involved with this unexpectedly enchanting temptress?

With a genuine fondness for her mentally deteriorating grandparent, Miles keeps Jeni up-to-date on the sometimes funny, sometimes poignant situations Nana faces in his quaint mountain town. Jeni's worked hard for the remarkable success she now enjoys, but there's an emptiness in her life with everyone she loves so far away.

A quick-reading, contemporary romantic escape, readers will enjoy the banter and undeniable sexual attraction between Jeni and Miles. Each book in the series is a stand-alone and can be read in any order.

Mimi Foster

About Mimi Foster (Colorado Springs, Colorado Author)

Mimi Foster

Bestselling writer of steamy romance novels in the early morning hours, award-winning Realtor during the day, Mimi is an incurable romantic who loves to create sexy but tender escapes about unforeseen encounters that forever alter lives for the better.

In addition to being married to her perfect human, Mimi is a blogger and photographer. She made five perfect female humans (her greatest achievement). They, in turn, have made five small perfect humans.

She loves to hear from readers, so be sure to find her on her website (, or interact with her on social media.