Was It Murder?

Was It Murder?
308 Pages
ISBN 0999349422

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Nothing bad ever happens in the peaceful English village of Bridleford—except for murder, that is.

In the latest Murder Blog Mysteries novel, Katy finds herself at loose ends. She’s jobless, but not penny-less thanks to a recently discovered box of rare coins in her attic. But she’s clueless as to what her next career will be. Plus, her sizzling romance with Josh, is doing a fast fizzle since he left town to continue nursing his ex-wife through her cancer battle.

Just as Katy is settling in for an extended pity-party of weepy old movies and tubs of mint-chip ice cream, her mother calls with tragic news. A dear family member has met an untimely end. Now Katy and her grandma must travel to the scenic Cotswolds of England to sort out legal matters. When they arrive, they’re overwhelmed by the friendly villagers who offer help and moral support.

However, when Katy and Ruby become the target of vandals, they realize that not everyone in town is pleased about their presence.

Is murder next on the list?

Pamela Frost Dennis

About Pamela Frost Dennis (San Luis Obispo, California Author)

Pamela Frost Dennis

Pamela Frost Dennis lives on the California Central Coast with her husband, Mike, and their goofy furry menagerie.

She enjoys gardening, reading, yoga, playing guitar and serenading herself (and annoying the neighbors), riding her bike, binge-watching TV shows, and playing with her three awesome grandkids.