Children of Wisdom – Wisdom Chronicles ~ Book Three

Children of Wisdom
303 Pages
ISBN 1-55404-984-9

It has been twenty years since the demoness Styxis was sealed off from this world by Wil and Caron when they ventured onto the demoness's side of the boundary (Princess of Wisdom ~ Wisdom Chronicles ~ Book Two).

Three children of destiny were born prior to the closing of the portal between the worlds: Alexander, Princess Caron's son with Roland, and the life-spark sisters, Aimee and Desiree, born of her coupling with Wil.

Though separated and living in ignorance of each other's lives as they grew up, the fortunes of the three children converge after they set off individually to explore the world when they arrive at their twentieth birthdays.

Walter C. Conner

About Walter C. Conner (Los Angeles, California Author)

Walter C. Conner

I am a native Californian currently living in Southern California with my wife of fifty-plus years. I retired in 2008 from a 39-year career in the printing industry which included production, sales and management. During that time, I wrote magazine articles and advertising copy but had never attempted a novel length work.

I began writing my first novel, Wizard of Wisdom, at the age of sixty-three and wrote Books Two and Three — Princess of Wisdom and Children of Wisdom — while searching for an agent and/or publisher for Book One. Double Dragon e-books accepted the entire series for publication in late 2010.

There are currently six books published in the series with a seventh (and final) book under construction.